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Audit and Assurance Services

Statutory Audit is a neatly legally defined process of reviewing public financial statements, accounting documents and other data regarding financial activity of a business entity.

Audit is a service rendered in the public interest in order to provide an independent opinion o the credibility of company accounts and accounting procedures and policies, and whether the publicly available reports are complete and in compliance with the current national legislation and international regulations and standards.

International audit is a non-statutory audit that is undertaken when a company is considering access to foreign capital and banking markets and/or is considering undertaking rating exercise in the country or, more likely, abroad.

Functional audit is a non-statutory audit where the auditor analyses the organisational efficiency and effectiveness of the client organisation/institution and recommends the actions and activities to be taken to remedy noticed shortcomings and/or to improve organisational and/or functional performance.

Special purpose audit is audit tailored according to needs and request of respective client. Audit scope, subject and plan is determined in cooperation with client in order to meet all client expectations.

ABC Global Financial Services Group, also provides:

Audit of internationally funded projects and grants, as well as audits of contracts for projects in private and public sector.

Internal audit is a non-statutory audit that the company performs itself in order to ensure the better functioning and compliance with positive legislation and regulations. This is a must for modern companies worldwide. ABC Global Financial Services, Ltd. offers to our clients a unique opportunity to contact out their internal audit and have us executing the internal audit function in their company. This can be done as internal audit solely, or together with performing internal control functions as well.

All audits performed by ABC Global Financial Services, Ltd. are fully in compliance with the ISA and/or standards of Internal Audit as stipulated by the Institute of Internal Auditors.